December is an exciting and festive time of year filled with wonderful buying opportunities in the beauty space. With so many amazing promotions, gift sets and sales, how does one decide where to even start?

When you are shopping for yourself or those lucky recipients on your list, focus on the seven beauty categories.

1. Skin care

Shopping for skin care is always fun, and with so many incredible brands, it's hard to choose what to put in your cart. It's much easier to buy for yourself then it is for others because skin conditions vary so much, person to person.

However, safe bets when it comes to gifting skincare are ancillary products like face masks, scrubs, patches, lip balms, peel pads and facial mists. These products are usually suited for a wide range of skin types and conditions and are not usually part of an individual's core AM/PM routine. This way, your recipient can add these products into their existing product lineup at their own pace without knocking their skin off balance in anyway.

2. Body care

When it comes to gifting a beauty home run, body care products are definitely the way to go. Most anyone can benefit from body scrubs, moisturizing body butters, foot smoothing products, hand lotions and shower gel.

These are perfect to pamper, smooth and moisturize some of the most neglected areas of the body and come in super handy during the cold, dry winter months. Plus, we all need some extra TLC right now, so you really can't go wrong. When in doubt, body care products can be bundled in a basket with a spa robe or set of Turkish towels and you are giving a spa day gift that will keep on giving well into the new year.

3. Makeup

Makeup, like skincare, can be a tricky gift to give. Makeup color selections are usually customized to the person wearing them. Skin tone and undertones, as well as eye and hair color must all be considered. However, if you have a makeup addict on your list, then don't be dissuaded from providing an awesome gift.

The great thing about the holiday season is the plethora of curated sets on offer. So, while you will want to avoid gifting foundations and concealers, for example, don't hesitate to pick up a selection of lipsticks, lip glosses or eyeliners. And of course, bronzers, blushes and highlighter are always a huge hit. Keep an eye out for some awesome palettes as well that contain a full face of makeup option in one handy compact. That's definitely going to make your makeup-loving friend or family member smile!

4. Hair care

Hair care is a wonderful category for gift giving as it is a bit more unexpected but always appreciated. If you have a traveler or gym-goer in your life then those smaller, travel-friendly sizes will be a fantastic present for them to receive.

Other ways to shop hair care include hair masks, styling products, heat tools, hair serums, scalp scrubs, beard oils, and accessories like towels and wraps. Hair care products make wonderful gifts and will surely be used and enjoyed for many months.

5. Nail care

If you know that your recipient loves a good manicure and/or pedicure, then be sure to stuff their stocking with fun and colorful nail products. Nail care products and accessories are in demand because so many of us are doing our nails at home instead of going out to nail salons, etc.

So, in light of this, nail polish, nail polish strips, hand lotions and scrubs and some awesome files or pumice stones will be a huge hit this holiday season. You can even think about creating a bundle of nail care products for an at-home manicure/pedicure set. Throw in some flip-flops, cotton gloves and some bath salts into a decorative foot basin. Who wouldn't want that?

6. Fragrance

If there's one thing for sure, all the major fragrance brands put out some beautiful gift sets this time of year. If you have a loved one that wears a specific fragrance then don't hesitate to buy them a set with their favorite fragrance, body lotion and shower gel, for example.

If you're unsure of the preferences of the fragrance lover in your life, then think about gifting them a sample or discovery set. These sets will normally contain sample or travel sizes of multiple fragrances and are really interactive and fun for the recipient to explore.

Fragrance is a wonderful category to give this year, especially because so many retail locations have taken down their tester displays. Your gift will delight and help your loved one find their next favorite scent.

7. Tools, devices, accessories

Beauty has certainly gone high tech and now, with the right tools and accessories, we can take care of our skin really well at home. In light of this, practically anyone on your list will be ecstatic with a state-of-the-art beauty tool.

Some of my favorites to give are silicone cleansing brushes because they help to deeply clean and regenerate the skin. Handheld microcurrent devices are an absolute asset to any beauty-loving holiday gift recipient to give their skin a lift and glow. If you have someone on your list who complains of wrinkles or acne, consider giving an at-home LED mask or hand-held tool. These are the kinds of gifts that keep on giving and will be appreciated for years to come.

Take my advice and shop all seven beauty categories this holiday season. By keeping these categories in mind, you are sure to find something for just about everyone on your list. Skip the boring bottle of wine or fruitcake and explore all the amazing options available in the beauty space now!