Omnichannel marketing might sound complex and confusing if you’ve never heard of it. However, the concept is quite simple and can be an incredibly effective way to remodel your digital approach.

According to a study from Bright Pearl, 87% of top retailers believe that an omnichannel selling approach is extremely important for sales. So, what is omnichannel marketing, exactly? Technically, omnichannel marketing simply means you use every media channel possible to send out your message to your potential audience and existing consumers.

You can also incorporate traditional selling platforms. You ensure they will see what you have to offer often and repeatedly. Here's how to do it the right way.

Survey your customers' social media styles.

A study by Blue Nile found that 70% of consumers use three or more channels to research a product or brand. Market everywhere — Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more — but get granular and ask your customers to tell you their preferred platforms so you can personalize as much as possible each time they interact with your brand.

Investigate and use platforms you may not access regularly.

Ephemeral video, podcasts, live chat, phone apps, SMS — all these diverse technologies can work well as part of an omnichannel marketing campaign. Consider these intriguing stats from Invesp regarding how consumers like to use multiple channels to make purchasing decisions:

  • They check product availability easily.
  • They reserve items they want to buy easily.
  • They have a stored profile they can easily access during their purchasing experience.
  • They can personalize their shopping experience conveniently.
  • They can utilize social media readily as part of their shopping experience.

Work on your in-person presence.

Offline events like in-store appearances, influencer live appearances, and conference/association demos of your product absolutely count as omnichannel marketing, and they can win you real-time customers.

Beef up your stable of effective spokespeople to handle live events for your company, be that a killer sales team or even hiring local or national celebrities who can get out your brand message effectively and vibrantly over a variety of platforms.

Go old school, too.

Offline direct marketing shouldn't be ignored, either. Direct mail for ads, PR and press releases, and cold calling are unexpected strategies that can set you apart. Mine them by compiling address lists and work out a follow-up plan that incorporates email check-ins to let your audience know your company is directly available to answer questions and make their experience as seamless as possible.

Be consistent.

Keep a concrete through line in terms of the message you send, even if you tweak it for a particular platform. The more clear and concise your ads are, the better your customers will remember them.

Therefore, the quality of what you offer cements your repetition until they buy what you're selling. Clarity is always the winning way to go: your profits will show the proof!