Education on a global scale is an important topic within the education community and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Not everyone has access to proper schooling, which is why NGOs have volunteered their time and effort to create awareness of this issue.

Everyone has a right to education. It allows people to learn throughout their lifetime, from infancy to adulthood. It also has the power to change lives. Global education nonprofits focus on empowering students of any age to learn.

NGOs can help improve global education, and studies have shown that they already have.

From Birth to Adulthood, NGOs Support Education at All Levels

NGOs boost education throughout the world. There are different types of initiatives.

A common approach to improving global education is by offering traditional formal schooling in classrooms. Some regions don’t have access to this type of education, and NGOs help them set up classrooms for daily instruction and learning.

Other approaches include more informal education with after-school programs, libraries or programs for home instruction. The goal is to spark an interest in learning for the students and to reengage the senses.

Then, there are nonformal education programs. While they may not teach reading or mathematics, they teach skills like swimming and sports and may include seminars.

No matter what approach NGOs take, they empower education at a global level, so everyone has the opportunity to learn. A crucial part of empowerment in people’s lives begins with education, and NGOs are helping drive that passion and privilege. While most are geared toward childhood education, others help young adults gain skills for employment.

Global Education NGOs

In various parts of the world, NGOs have already improved global education. Specified initiatives have created that spark for learning in both developed and developing countries.

Here are just a few of the extensive list of NGOs helping education efforts internationally.

1. Childhood Education International

This organization has volunteers throughout the world working in childhood development, schooling and other practices. Information about innovative programs is shared through Childhood Education International to help develop new programs and international understanding.

2. Barefoot College

Barefoot College, which is located in India, helps teach local community members valuable skills. Some have become teachers, while others are successful engineers. They realize both the importance of schooling basics mixed with what one gains from cultural and familial experiences.

3. Save the Children

Save the Children promotes global education and values the right to education for children. It teaches effective strategies for instructors to ensure a quality education experience. Additionally, it encourages parents and teachers to instill a love for learning both in and out of the classroom.

International Education NGOs Around the Globe

NGOs aim to partake in a social mission that isn’t funded by the government. Those who focus on empowering education believe everyone deserves to learn, no matter their country or background.

NGOs have repeatedly proven they can improve global education by encouraging local communities to teach and learn from one another. Without schooling, there’s no empowerment — but with it, we can change the world.