The holiday season is here and it's time to sprinkle your educators with love and gifts to show your appreciation for them. Educators are one of the reasons our children grow up to be who they are. They inspire and motivate kids throughout their lives at school to become better people, not just better students.

Gifts are a great way to show appreciation for all the things these educators do that should never go unnoticed. This educator holiday gift guide will give some ideas for what to gift your child's teacher or school staff for the holidays.

1. Gift Cards

The image shows a gift card with cartoon reindeer in a winter scene.

Gift cards are always the number one go-to gift to show appreciation because teachers can do what they want with them. You have so many options to choose from like Target, etc. It allows for educators to decide if they want to spend it on themselves or to buy more for their classrooms. You can buy gift cards from any grocery store or directly from the website from which you are getting the gift card for at any price.

2. Personalized Stamps

A black self-inking rubber stamp with a white logo

A personalized stamp is a great gift for teachers for when they grade papers and want to add a little extra touch to their feedback. You can find many different types of stamps based on the teacher's personality. These range from $10-20 based on the customization.

3. Pens or Markers

A pack of various colored pens. The brand is Paper-Mate.

Colored pens or markers are used a lot in classrooms to help students visualize what they are being taught. They are also just fun to write with! Different colors can also be used to organize or plan lessons when writing them down. Luckily, this gift is on the cheaper side depending on how many you get them, about $15-20.

4. Custom Mugs

A black mug with the word

Another great personalized gift to give an educator is a custom mug because most of the time coffee or tea is what keeps them going. Even if they don't like drinking coffee or tea, it can make a great decoration to put pens into or even some small flowers. Depending on the personalization mugs can range from $10-25. other options that can be customized.

5. Planners

A planner featuring a rainbow and the word

Planners are excellent gifts as they can be constantly used for time management and organization. As a teacher, organization is a key skill to have in order to stay on track with lessons and classes, and planners are a great way to help with that. Planners can cost $10-25 depending on if you want to get it customized or not.

6. Plants and Other Classroom Decor

Four potted plants on a white background.

Flowers or plants are a great way to spruce up a space whether it be a classroom or for their home. Artificial plants may be the better choice as it is one less thing for a teacher to think about during the day but it still keeps a room looking lively. Otherwise, flowers from any local grocery store would be a great money saver, yet also appreciated. Flowers and plants can range from $10-25 depending on if you want to add a vase or how nice you want them to look.

7. Tote Bags

A beige tote back with a black strap and accents.

Tote bags are an awesome gift because they can be customized but may be a little bit more expensive depending on the size and quality. Teachers can use tote bags to carry all their papers and work they need to bring to and from school. If customized, bags can be around $20-30.

8. Candles and Lotion

A scented candle with its lid off.

Candles, lotion or anything that smells nice is an ideal holiday gift because it's something that an educator can always enjoy. A calming atmosphere can help soothe headaches or just make someone feel better in order to do their job or unwind at the end of a long day at work. Candles or lotion can cost $15-30 based on the size.

9. Holiday Sweets

A cupcake in clear packaging.

Cookies and sweets for the holidays are the perfect gift, especially if they're homemade. By baking sweets yourself, it can save money but store-bought or bakery items are just as good to indulge in. Buying from a bakery can also cost less, around $5-10, if you buy a personal size and maybe pair it with flowers to add to the gift!

10. A Journal

Two stacked journals, top one brown with

A nice journal can be a lovely gift that educators can use daily. Kind of like a planner, a journal can help teachers plan in detail their lesson plans, or it can be a personal journal that they can use at home. As it is a gift, you might want to buy a leather journal which can also be engraved because it is better quality. These can range from $10-25.

The Educator Holiday Gift Guide: Your Resource For Great Gifts

It's easy to take teachers and other educators for granted. You may not interact with them on a daily basis like your children, but they leave incredible (and often indelible) marks on their young minds. This holiday season, let them know how much you appreciate their hard work by offering a simple gift.