Through the pandemic, an interesting trend has emerged in the world of e-commerce, particularly with the Generation Z demographic (individuals born after 1996). Dubbed "recommerce," the second-hand economy is going strong in terms of buying and selling goods online, and Gen Z buying habits in recommerce are leading the pack among other age demographics.

An eBay study found that Gen Z is buying more pre-owned goods versus other generations. 81% of those surveyed said that buying pre-owned has become more common over the last year.

Businesses and marketplaces alike would be smart to cater to such trends in ecommerce if they are interested in keeping up with Gen Z. On the selling side, 73% of this motivated demographic reported that they are interested in selling second-hand goods for financial benefits — more than double the other generational groups.

An added benefit of the second-hand economy is its practicality in sustainability. Since new goods aren't being produced in the selling of second-hand goods, waste reduction is a significant savings — one that has been meaningful to Gen Zers.

Learn more about the second-hand economy and sustainability in the eBay Recommerce Report below:

Infographic courtesy eBay Inc.