A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to stay out of the doctor's office. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends that adults consume approximately five fruits and vegetables per day.

In reality, the average adult eats about half the recommended amount. However, the tide is turning. Rising interest in optimal health is driving demand for convenient and nutritious ways to close the gap on 5-A-Day, and companies are taking note.

Growth and Projections for the Fruit and Vegetable Powder Market

According to the Fruit and Vegetable Powder Market 2020 Global Industry Report, the fruit and vegetable powder market is expected to rise significantly between 2020 and 2025. Ingredients Network, a digital platform that sources natural ingredients, predicts that the fruit and vegetable powder market will reach $216 billion in revenue within two years. It expects the annual growth rate of the market to be approximately 5.8%.

Currently, the market is growing at a steady pace with the potential to surpass projections. The Fruit and Vegetable Powder Market 2020 Report provides an overview of the industry and an analysis of international markets with information on development, competition, manufacturing processes, and cost structures. The final report is expected to include a review of COVID-19's impact on the industry. A detailed copy of the report is available for purchase at ResearchReportsWorld.com.

What's Driving the Increase in Demand for Fruit and Vegetable Powders?

Rising interest in health and wellness is one reason behind the demand for fruit and vegetable powders. People realize that diet is responsible for a large proportion of health problems, and they are more aware of how essential fruits and vegetables are in a healthy diet.

Fruit and vegetable powders appeal to these consumers because they offer protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals in a convenient form. It is easy to combine a fruit and vegetable powder mix with a smoothie, almond milk, or water. The fact that these products are shelf-stable makes them even more attractive because consumers don’t have to worry about them going bad right away.

The Value Add of "People and Planet Friendly"

Younger companies are capitalizing on the demand for convenient yet nutritious ways to meet fruit and vegetable recommendations, and they are marketing themselves intelligently.

Consumers don't often realize that powdered fruits and vegetables are one way to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Kencko, a powdered fruit and vegetable company, is raising awareness about the benefits of powdered mixes for people and planet.

According to their website, "a plant-rich diet is the key to a healthy future for people and planet." Their website explains that "every year, up to 50% of the fruits and vegetables we grow are wasted, resulting in more greenhouse gas emissions than most countries. By capturing all the nutrients of fresh produce in a shelf-stable product, Kencko puts fruits and veggies on standby until you need them." Powdered fruit and vegetable mixes offer "maximum nutrition, [and] minimal waste."

Value Add, Not Compromise

However, a word of caution for companies capitalizing on the popularity of fruit and vegetable powders — consumers are not willing to forsake health for convenience. They want products that conveniently improve their health.

Powders must, therefore, be both nutritious and easy to use. Companies that focus on manufacturing processes that preserve “all of the good stuff” in fresh produce will pull ahead in the race. Transparency and corporate social responsibility are also likely to confer a definite advantage.