Want more likes, followers and engagement on your company's social media pages? Then, you need three things: gorgeous (on-brand) pictures, the right personality and an eagerness to socialize.

In short, you need to cultivate a strategic brand personality and then bring it to life by connecting with your followers.

Think about it. Individuals, not businesses, run the leading accounts on social. Of the top 25 accounts on Instagram, only 12 percent are companies. The rest are primarily celebrities, like Selena Gomez, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift.

So, to make your brand's social media more successful, you need to act more like a human and less like a brand. Mediate then cultivate your brand's voice and essence. Here's how.

Make it clear who you are

You should be able to describe who your brand is in three to five words. Those words shouldn't cover what you make or what you do. Instead, they should describe the way your consumers think of you.

For example, you could define Dove's brand as accepting, genuine and kind. Dove is like the friend you call when you need a pep talk. They'd always have your back and tell you to "be true to you." Nike, on the other hand, is all about being persistent, driven and determined.

Ask these questions — to your leaders, employees and customers. Figure out who you are, then distill your essence.

  • What are the three words that make your company unique?
  • Why do people pick you over your competitors?
  • What do you want people to feel after they buy your product?
  • Imagine your brand as a person. How would you describe yourself to a stranger?

If you're stuck, Google "brand personality quizzes" or "brand personality exercises" to jump-start the process.

Know what people want

As you're crystallizing your brand personality, consider what people want from you.

Here are the top characteristics consumers want from companies on social media, according to Sprout Social Q2 2017 data:

  • honest (86 percent)
  • friendly (83 percent)
  • helpful (78 percent)
  • funny (72 percent)

It's a short and sweet list that any company (regardless of those unique brand words) can deliver. Tell the truth. Be eager and ready to answer questions. And be light! Have some fun with your copy and responses to your followers. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to go bold and big with your brand humor like Denny's does.

Bring it to life (in the right place)

Now, the next step is to bring that personality to life. According to that same Sprout Social data, people want to see your personality shine most on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. The study also found ways to increase consumer sentiment.

In addition to compelling copy, use these proven tactics to make people like your brand more:


  • Use more video clips and GIFs to illustrate your message.
  • Respond to questions promptly. It's all about connecting!
  • Jump into conversations with followers in the comments.
  • Be politically correct. You don't want to offend your fans.


  • Make fun of your competitors.
  • Use slang, which doesn't make you seem cool. Instead, you seem like you're out of touch or trying too hard.
  • Talk politics.