“Enhanced leave” has shot to the top of the benefits wish list in 2021, pushing “healthcare and insurance” from first to second place (according to comparison data from 2018). “Social” benefits have unsurprisingly dropped from second place (2018) to ninth place (2021) reflecting changing priorities, presumably resulting from the pandemic.

Comparing the benefits that employees thought most important (above), with the benefits most used — in 2021 — enhanced leave was actually pushed down to third place, with “flexible working” topping this chart. So, while enhanced leave might be top of the desire list, flexible working is perhaps the more practical solution when it comes to the crunch.

Unsurprisingly, “technology” is a benefit that more employees use in 2021 than 2018. Technology has been a lifeline during COVID-19, sustaining businesses and social connections as lockdowns were imposed to try to minimize the spread of the virus.

Find out more about the benefits that employees in the UK value, and the ones they most use, with Cezanne HR’s infographic: “Workplace benefits.”

Infographic courtesy Cezanne HR