“You mean our church logo, right?” No. Your brand is more than a logo. It’s the emotional aftertaste of an offered product or service. What you’re known for. Something that’ll bring a particular audience back. Sure, your logo is a visual representation of that promise but it’s not your brand.

Does your church have a brand? Or do you need branding help?

In order to have a successful brand, you must clearly know who you’re targeting, discover a unique thread (a beneficial reason that you’re known for), have it woven through all ministries, and have a simple, controlled logo, colors, and fonts that remind people of why you exist. It’s the foundation to your communication strategy.

Companies have spoiled us to expect brands to be professional, well-designed, and representative of us (since we want to adopt them). And most importantly? Your brand needs to be relevant and needed, or another brand will move in and become part of my life. Perhaps that church near you?

Here are seven telling moments that say, “our church brand needs help!”

1. “Why do you attend?” is answered with random answers.

A solid brand controls messaging and keywords. It consistently and clearly tells a group that you are a solution for what they need. If you leave it to your audience to answer, they’ll have a ton of reasons rather than one that builds your brand. You’ll never be known for many random things. You need to be known for something.

2. Your community lost interest in your ministries years ago.

If you stopped someone in your local mall, would they know who your church is? What you offer them? A brand is built on being a value to the people within reach.

3. Branded tees aren’t worn in public.

People who’ve adopted your brand should be proud of your logo and want to wear it at places other than the gym or mowing the lawn.

4. Your social media channels lack engagement.

If your social media feels one-sided, you don’t have a good brand. It’s simply a promotional tool. A solid brand is interactive and two-way.

5. A random member can’t sketch your logo from memory.

Current, professional logos are simple and easy to remember. A middle schooler should be able to draw it from memory if it’s used regularly and consistently. You can sketch the logo of who made your phone, right?

6. Ministry silos shout for attention.

Many church sub-brands will constantly compete to be heard. A solid church brand represents all your ministries well without needing sub-brands. Together you’re messaging for your church, not just a ministry. Competition? You need a brand strategy.

7. Your website layout and function hasn’t changed in the last 5 years.

If you haven’t invested money and time into improving online presence (more than adding online services because of COVID-19), then you’re missing out. There have been many ways in the last few months to effectively take your church brand online and give your community what they’re pursuing on your website.