In a time of so much variability and unrest, it's crucial to look at the things that are staying the same.

As spa and beauty industry professionals, we are adapting to many changes in our industry: spa shutdowns, changes to the retail environment, new sanitation regulations, supply shortages and corporate closures. However, in light of this, let's talk about the resilience of the beauty industry and the constants that will anchor our industry.

1. Growth trajectory.

In the face of the pandemic, the beauty and personal care market in the U.S., according to, will be worth approximately $93.1 billion. As I've always said, the spa industry, for the most part, falls under the larger umbrella of the beauty industry and this should give us some comfort.

The beauty industry may be evolving, but it's not going anywhere. Customers will always find a way to purchase and use their favorite products and brands, whether they can buy them in-store or online. Beauty and personal care will never become obsolete. Feel confident in the value of your line of work; know that you are on track for continued success.

2. Professional products are preferred.

Fear not, spa and beauty industry professionals: professional and medical-grade products will always be in high demand. As we know, the FDA regulates some of the active ingredients or drugs found in skin care and beauty products. For example, we know that hydorquinone is only allowed at a 2% volume for over-the-counter products while prescription strength is usually 4%.

Clients and patients will always need access to the highest quality and most concentrated skin care and beauty products, for effective outcomes. The strongest retinols, most concentrated antioxidants and some of the best sunscreens are only available at medical spas and professional skin care facilities. Clients will continue to use and seek these out for optimal results and correction.

3. Clients need professionals.

No YouTube video, DIY face mask or influencer can replace what a trained, skin care professional can do for a client's skin. Furthermore, no pore strip or clay mask can clean pores like professional extractions. And no moisturizer or serum in the world can have the smoothing effects of Botox.

Simply put: our clients will always seek out our professional services. Yes, rules and regulations may be in place for PPE and sanitation protocols, but these are the small prices to pay to keep our services readily available to our happy clients. We, as licensed skin care professionals, will always be seen as the true experts in our field and clients will continue to pay for our expertise and professional services.

4. Image is still everything.

Even though many of us have been spending a lot less time out and about town, our image and appearance is still on full display. We are spending more time on social media, doing Zoom calls in lieu of in-person work meetings, and connecting with friends and family via Skype and Facetime.

In essence, our faces are still out there and our quest for youth and beauty remains the status quo. In fact, many of us have heard of "the lipstick effect," where even in times of economic downturn, women love to treat themselves to little luxuries to make themselves feel more desirable and to splurge a little bit. notes, "sales figures from one of the world's largest cosmetics companies, L'Oreal, revealed that during 2008, a year when the rest of the economy suffered record declines in sales, the cosmetics leviathan experienced sales growth of 5.3%." This goes to show, beauty products are a sought-after consumer item that will maintain their appeal during these uncertain times.

5. Human connectivity is crucial.

Even though social distancing is still in full effect across most of the globe, there is no denying the power of the human touch and therapeutic services. Our clients will seek out the hands-on services that they need — to not only improve their skin, hair or nails — but to relax and feel pampered.

If anything, social distancing has increased the need for safe, therapeutic touch and beauty services. For many, therapeutic touch is the only touch available to them and plays a huge role in de-stressing and maintaining adequate self-care. While regulations may change exactly how these services are executed, the need for them will remain.

Take my expert advice and focus on how our industry is staying the same in light of the major changes in our world landscape. Keep in mind that the beauty industry is destined for economic recovery and growth, professional products and services will prevail, clients' image will still be of utmost importance and human connectivity is crucial. With these points at the forefront of your mind, you can move forward with your business with confidence and agility while navigating the new normal of the beauty and spa industries.