Are you looking to bolster your digital marketing might through interactive audience engagement? You should be. According to research reported by Review 42, 82% of consumers would prefer to watch a brand's live stream than read its posts on social media.

Also, in last year's IAB Video Advertising Spend Report, marketers reported putting 25% more into their digital budgets to meet their audience's viewing preferences. Another interesting pearl: Facebook Live videos rack up watch times that are three times longer than videos that no longer have live status.

Clearly, it's time to hone in on the specific kinds of interactive offerings customers want to engage in and make them vivid, fascinating and easy to navigate. What areas should you put your efforts into? Focus on these five:


Inserting questionnaire formats regarding your audience's opinions of your product is a no-brainer. Go further, though. Ask your audience how they would see themselves integrating your product into their lives. Ask your audience who in their circle of friends and family would also benefit from your product. Ask questions that allow your audience to visualize incorporating the product into their life and feel good about doing it.

For example, they tell you they would inform their mothers or sisters how great your laundry detergent works. That makes their loved ones' lives easier and makes them feel appreciated by their family, which makes them feel great. You can set all that in motion by asking the right consumer-focused questions.


Customers can figure out how much money they save or make by using your product or service with sliding, simple math fill-in features. These can be powerful tools in helping them decide to purchase what you have to offer. Avoid any questions that compromise identity or privacy, of course — but do shape your calculator so they can have an accurate numbers picture within your ad copy.

360-degree video.

Immersing your audience in the environment you're selling in — whether it's a brick-and-mortar store or a vacation destination — is worth its weight in gold. Make the technology as easy to navigate as possible from the first try.

Then, monitor customer comments to see what elements of their experience they find the most informative and exciting. After that, continue to come up with ways to make the experience as user-friendly and engaging as you possibly can.

Trimmed text, more images.

Cut your copy down in favor of images that customers can digitally manipulate, especially when displaying visual angles of a product such as clothing or an electronic device. Hands-on is more exciting and specific in these scenarios.

Augmented reality.

Setting up your campaign so consumers can have a virtual "dry run" using your product is a highly sought-after feature. Remove as many questions from your customers' minds as possible when it comes to driving their experience, make sure what you offer is top-notch, and keep your content as user-friendly as possible — it will all pay off.