If you are lucky enough to work with a great administrative professional, you know how vital they are to an office and everyone in it. Administrative professionals devote all their time to ensuring everyone has what they need to have a successful week, which means that any gift ideas should show just how valued they are.

These gift ideas can make sure they know how much you appreciate them.

1. Electric Mug Warmer

A green mug filled with a latte or cappuccino, showcasing a latte art design on top, is placed on a matching green warming pad or coaster.

Administrators are always on-the-go around the office, jumping from one task to another. Often that cup of coffee they just made gets forgotten. An electric mug warmer can ensure administrative professionals still have a hot cup of Joe when they return to the desk.

Where to buy: Amazon

2. Bento Lunch Box

A green rectangular bento lunch box divided into compartments. One section holds spaghetti with meatballs, while the others contain bread and a green salad.

Gone are the days of the brown paper bag lunch. Bento lunch boxes are a stylish, more sustainable way to bring lunch to work. No longer will administrative professionals worry that they might have forgotten a fork or that their lunch isn't fresh.

Where to buy: Office Depot

3. Aromatic Oil Diffuser

A modern ASAKUKI essential oil diffuser with a white top and wooden base. Beside it is a smartphone displaying a color wheel app, indicating the diffuser's smart connectivity features.

Creating a sense of calm in a hectic environment can create a moment of peace for administrators. Oil diffusers can relax administrative professionals with their various essential oils and pleasant light settings.

Where to buy: Walmart

4. Hand Cream

A green plastic jar with its lid off, labeled

Whether working in health care, business, education or another field, administrators spend a lot of time working with their hands. Dry, cracked hands can be an administrator's worst nightmare. Make sure they are taken care of with some well-trusted, long-lasting hand cream.

Where to buy: Target

5. Mini Candy Dispenser


Administrators seem to always have candy. Be sure they have a fun, easy-to-use candy dispenser to place on their desk, but make time to visit them to say "hi" or thank them for their hard work, not just to sneak a few jellybeans from their dispenser.

Where to buy: Amazon

6. Durable Water Bottle

A matte black Hydro Flask water bottle with a white logo resembling an open hand on its center. The bottle has a black cap with a carrying handle.

Hydration is key, especially for administrative professionals who are on-the-move. Gift your administrator a durable and stylish way to stay healthy and fresh throughout the day. Personalize the gift by giving your administrator a water bottle in their favorite color.

Where to buy: Amazon

7. Digital Picture Frame

A digital tablet and smartphone display a gallery of assorted photos. On the tablet, there's a close-up photo of a joyful baby wearing a cute orange hat resembling a tiger.

It's always nice to have a reminder of why you work so hard, and a digital picture frame can be a perfect way for administrators to see the bright faces of their loved ones while at work. Contrary to a traditional frame, a digital picture frame allows administrators to see a personalized set of multiple photos throughout the day.

Where to buy: Target

8. Keyboard Cleaning Gel

A hand presses a yellow cleaning gel with a honeycomb structure onto a black keyboard. Next to the keyboard, there's a bright yellow container labeled 'COLORCORAL® Universal Dust Cleaner'.

If you've never heard of keyboard cleaning gel, get ready for it to change the way you work. A dirty workspace can be distracting and an annoyance. Reusable keyboard cleaning gel allows administrative professionals to quickly rid their electronics of the annoyance of dust and dirt, allowing them to get right back to work.

Where to buy: Amazon

9. Assorted Tea Bag Sampler

A vibrant assortment of tea bags neatly organized in a red display box labeled 'BLACK•GREEN•HERB'. The teas include a variety of flavors. The box showcases a prominent green tea flower image and indicates it contains 64 tea bags.

The versatility of tea is undeniable. It can relax, energize or soothe ailments among a variety of other benefits. Administrators can explore all the benefits of tea with an assorted tea bag sampler.

Where to buy: Staples

10. Noise Canceling Headphones

A pair of over-ear headphones in a matte navy-blue finish. The brand 'Sony' is visibly inscribed on the headband.

Administrators deal with a lot of noise throughout the day: Email notifications, phones ringing, questions from customers, requests from colleagues. It seems like there is rarely a moment of silence. A great way for administrators to destress at lunch or the end of the day is to use noise canceling headphones. Administrative professionals can listen to their favorite album or immerse themselves in a thrilling podcast before diving back into the busy office chatter.

Where to buy: Best Buy

11. Nostalgic Candle

A collection of scented candles in clear glass jars with labels indicating different U.S. regions or states: New York, Northern California, Texas, and Southern California. The brand 'homesick' is also labeled on both the candles and the boxes.

Many administrative professionals have moved away from home for their careers. Homesickness can strike at any time, but it seems to be the most potent during the holidays. Gift your administrator a taste of home with a "homesick candle."

Where to buy: Uncommon Goods

12. Wireless Charger

A person's hand is placing a smartphone onto a wireless charging pad labeled 'Anker' that is placed on a wooden table. The charging pad is connected to a cable, which leads off the edge of the table.

Administrators juggle many different electronics throughout the day. The last thing they want is to see that "low battery" warning. Give them an easy way to charge their electronics without the fuss of wires and cords by gifting them a wireless charger.

Where to buy: Amazon

13. Daily Planner

A beige-colored hardcover daily planner with the words 'daily planner' written in blue font in the center. Below the title, the words 'MY SCHEDULE' are printed in smaller font.

Organization is undoubtedly one of the many skills that make administrative professionals so important. Daily planners are a great way to sort tasks, plan the day or keep track of to-do lists. Administrators are constantly planning, and a daily planner can take away the stress of organizing.

Where to buy: Papier