As the world slowly starts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, travelers are beginnings to set their eyes on luxury travel in 2021. After all, so many of us are overdue for lavish experiences and some much-deserved relaxation.

While luxury travel during the pandemic is possible, it is important to remember to follow CDC guidelines to ensure your health and safety. Experts continue to recommend social distancing, wearing masks, taking viral tests before and after traveling, and following local guidelines.

In our guide below, we have listed the top 10 travel tips during COVID to ensure you have the safe and lavish vacation you have been dreaming of.

1. Reserve a Pedigree Flight Experience

The first step in planning a regal vacation involves booking a private jet charter. When you fly on a private jet, you will experience a tailored flight that will exceed your every expectation.

Request the chef to whip up your favorite meal or hire a massage therapist to help you get into a vacation state of mind. Whatever you want, your flight crew is always one step ahead of you.

2. Pick Your Preferred Aircraft

When you fly on a private jet, you get to choose the aircraft with all the finest amenities you desire. Private jets provide the ultimate comfort and the latest in technology, ensuring your flight experience is out of this world.

Pick a jet with a private bedroom or tricked-out entertainment system and lounge area. Whether you want a small and intimate light aircraft or a spacious heavy jet, the choice is yours when you fly private.

3. Choose a Place Where You Can Socially Distance

When it comes to luxury travel in 2021, skip the crowded cityscapes. Instead, pick an inviting destination where you can indulge without interacting with the masses. Maybe that means an exclusive island or ritzy chateau in the mountains. Whether you go for a secluded ranch setting or a glitzy glamping experience, you are in for an epic treat.

4. Consider Eco-Tourism or Nature Escapes

Who said nature cannot be lavish? Not us! Book a nature-inspired retreat where you can revel in the great outdoors. Or, book a private eco-tour in the desert or reserve an elite meditation adventure in the jungle.

Nothing is more rejuvenating than some fresh air and sunshine. And the best part? You may learn something about the ecosystem and yourself along the way.

5. Look for Destinations with Low COVID Cases

Some destinations are more fortunate than others when it comes to their current COVID rates. When looking for a fantastic destination for your next grand vacation, look into places that have the lowest COVID cases.

For instance, destinations like Fiji, the British Virgin Islands, Laos, and The Solomon Islands are reporting far fewer cases than the rest of the world. That said, be sure to look into travel restrictions and guidelines, as some destinations may be limiting visitors at this time.

6. Reserve Your Own Space

Now is not the time to cram into an over-crowded hotel. And why would you want to? If you are really going for an opulent experience, pick a place to stay and avoid the masses all at once.

Look into a villa or spacious mansion where you have the entire place to yourself. Or choose a hotel where you can book the entire floor and use a private elevator. There are plenty of dazzling places to stay that you can make your safe haven.

7. Travel with a Small Pose

When it comes to planning your high-class getaway, skip the big entourage. While you may have loved traveling with your ten closest friends or your extended family in the past, now is the time to go small. Book a romantic retreat for two or plan a great adventure with your best friend. Better yet, take that solo vacation you have been dreaming of for years.

Health experts still recommend social distancing with people who are outside your household unit, so it is best to travel in groups with those who have already been tested for the virus or received their vaccinations.

8. Take Private Transportation

One major travel tip during COVID is to book private transportation during your extravagant travels. Hiring your own private SUV or limousine driver will provide you with a safer, fancier experience.

During your trip, you will want to avoid crowded situations, which includes city buses and trains. What is more, when you have your private driver, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. Private transportation gives you the freedom to explore your vacation destination on your terms.

9. Focus on R&R

In the past, you may have wanted to see and be seen on your lavish vacations. Perhaps that meant getting access into the hottest clubs in Miami or scoring front-row tickets to a sold-out concert in Brazil.

However, luxury travel in 2021 may include more secluded activities and “me time.” That might mean booking outdoor facials and massages under a palm-tree canopy or booking a villa with a private hot tub for soaking. Given the stress of the last year, more travelers are turning toward vacations that are focused on rest and rejuvenation.

10. Enjoy Longer, Less Frequent Vacations

While many experts are still urging people to stay home during the pandemic, for those who do decide to travel, they’re choosing longer, more intimate vacations over shorter, more frequent trips. In fact, many believe this will be the new way of travel in 2021 and beyond.

If you plan to travel during the pandemic, consider booking one long vacation that may span a few weeks. Not only will this give you the opportunity to fully unwind and relax, but it will also allow you to get more familiar with the destination. After all, it can be tricky to see and do everything when you’re jamming everything into a few days.

Ready to jet set off your fabulous vacation? Start by reserving your private jet today.