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About Us

MultiBriefs is a leading publisher of association-branded email publications, providing a comprehensive news briefing of the week's top industry stories to association members and trade professionals. As your industry evolves, we deliver the news you need to adapt your business practices for success.

For Associations:

Associations have always been viewed as the informational authority for their respective industries. Top-tier professionals join associations to obtain the benefits and information resources the organizations offer. As industries evolve, it's becoming increasingly important for associations to keep their members abreast of the industry news that directly impacts the daily operation of their businesses. That's where MultiBriefs come in!

With MultiBriefs, participating association members no longer have to scour the Internet for industry-related news. Each issue aggregates the news for association members and delivers numerous quality articles to their inboxes in a format that specifically represents their association. Articles within each brief are hand-picked by editors familiar with the association's industry. This saves members valuable time, and further establishes their association as the "go-to" resource for industry information.

For Advertisers:

MultiBriefs present unique advertising opportunities for industry suppliers looking to get their message in front of specific association members. The advertising positions within the briefs were created to never compete with the news elements, by being smartly incorporated into the overall look and feel of the news brief.