Record-breaking number of participants at MeetToMatch at Nordic Game Conference 2017

At NG17, MeetToMatch offers a unique variety of features that will help visitors to structure their business meetings. With the help of the online meeting manager, users can invite others through the system and let the meeting manager take care of their event schedule and meeting spaces. This ensures accurate tracking of confirmed meetings and blocked slots to make double bookings impossible. A personal matchmaker can follow up on getting meeting invitations accepted.

Meetings are held at a separate MeetToMatch location at the venue. Meeting tables are automatically allocated and reserved according to the meeting schedule, while a personal matchmaker is available for on-site matchmaking. This way, MeetToMatch delivers the most streamlined way to find, plan and execute business during NG17 and lets visitors focus on the content of their meetings, not their administration.

Participating companies on NG17 include a diverse lineup of international games companies, developers, investors and publishers, such as Bandai Namco Entertainment, Bigben Interactive, EA Dice, Flashman Games, Gamigo, Index Ventures, Jagex, Kalypsomedia, NetEase, Nintendo, Soedesco Publishing, Sony Mobile, Sproing, Tencent, THQ Nordic, Tilting Point and over 325(!!) companies looking to do business.

To learn more about the MeetToMatch matchmaking system, meeting area and pricing at NG17, visitors can download the NG17 brochure here.

Please note: For two people from the same company to attend the same meetings, only one MeetToMatch pass is required.

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